Carbonation and Cellaring

Since our new lottery format has allowed more people to buy their first Black Project bottles, we wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the fact that all our bottles are all bottle conditioned and highly carbonated.

What this means is that before opening any of our beer, it is very important that the beer is chilled in a refrigerator for the 24 hours immediately prior to serving. These beers are highly carbonated, in line with carbonation levels of traditional Lambic from Belgium, and the bottles we use are very high quality and thus are very thick and insulative. So it is very important that all bottles are properly chilled for 24 hours before you open the bottle. If not, some gushing and beer loss may occur. We don't want that.

We extensively test each batch and know that there are there is no issue with over-carbonation, the beer is simply carbonated to the high level that is historically associated with the style.

All Black Project bottles can, and should be stored warm, before chilling for 24 hours (ideally at "cellar temperatures" of 55-60°F). Since all of our beers are unpasteurized, they will continuing to evolve and change while aging. If there are any issues with any bottles ever, please contact and we will do our best to remedy the situation.