2019/2020 AGENT Program


It’s time to start talking about our membership club, also known as our AGENT program! The AGENT program curates an exclusive membership program within Black Project that will facilitate an intimate customer-to-brewery relationship. AGENTS get to know each other through common interests and different AGENT-only events - such as private bottle shares at the brewery and other celebrations throughout the year.

Cost is $100
Registration begins July 1st & ends July 14
Lottery winners will be notified via email on July 15
Winners will have until July 22 to pay the $100 fee, which will officially enroll them in the program

The program will run from August 2019-August 2020. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Three different 750mL bottles exclusively for Agents

    • Bottles will be available and announced at various times throughout the year and you will have 30 days for you or a proxy to pick them up, unless you purchase the cellar add on. (more details on cellar add on below)

    • Since these bottles only get released to our AGENTS, they are made in small batches and subsequently considered to be the “rarest” beers we will release throughout the year

    • These bottles will be free for all agents who enroll in our program. They will vary, based on which DIVISION you choose when you enroll  for the program.

  • 10% off draft beer and merchandise in taproom

    • Valid ONLY when you present your 2019-2020 Agent Coin. (more details on the AGENT coin below)

  • 10% off all merchandise from our online store

  • Agent-only Challenge/Membership Coin

    • Every year we create a challenge coin for Agents. This is allows you to challenge other Agents that you see anywhere in the world. If you lay down your coin and they don't have theirs, they have to buy you a drink. If you lay down your coin and they DO have theirs, YOU have to buy THEM a drink.

    • More importantly, your challenge coin is the ONLY WAY you can access your discounts or other various perks throughout the year in the taproom. Please do not expect bartenders to remember/recognize that you are an Agent - they have been instructed to only give the 10% draft/merch. discount if you present your coin from the current membership year.

  • Advanced Online Bottle / Can Presale (first come, first served) before public access with 30 day pickup window at the brewery

    • Every time a new Black Project bottle is ready to be released, Agents will have first-come, first-served access to buy it online.

    • Starting now, this will now be the only way to pre-purchase our beer online

    • Limits will be TBD based on the size of the batch and the typical purchase volume throughout the year.

    • Note that some batches will yield fewer bottles/allocations than the number of Agents. We don't anticipate this happening frequently, however: ***All release allocations will be first come, first served***


  • Access to purchase and blend your own Black Project "CIA" Barrel

    • CIA - Creatively Involved Agents - new program for 2019-2020

    • You and a group of your choosing can blend and create your own barrel of BP beer.

    • When the beer is done you and your group will get all of the bottles that came from the barrel you created.

    • Contact point/purchaser must be an Agent, but you can include as many others as you would like in your group

    • You decide the blend, fruits, barrel treatment, beer name, etc.

    • Additional details TBA. Limited number of slots available.

  • Access to the 2019/2020 AGENT-only Facebook page

    • This is a great place for AGENTS to interact with one another, stay in the know with Black Project, and for AGENTS to find proxies if needed.

  • Access to monthly Agent-Only bottle shares (limited seating)

    • Agent bottles shares take place in the tap room on Monday evenings.

    • We will announce the date in advance and take RSVPs on a first-come, first served basis. Our taproom is not big enough to accommodate every Agent.

    • These bottle shares are STRICTLY AGENT-ONLY. No +1's. Every person in attendance MUST have their Agent Coin for the current year.

  • Year-End party for you and your guest.

    • We will host a big party in Denver for the Agents (and their +1's) in July 2020. Tickets are free but you must claim a ticket for you / your +1 in advance. Exact date and location TBD (based on expected attendance)

  • First access to other Black Project events (for example: dinners, camping trip, etc.)

    • Ticketed events that we host will be offered first to Agents.

  • Access to exclusive group-buy Agent merch

    • Throughout the year we will offer some custom-designed merchandise as group-buys / pre-orders.

    • These items will be Agent-Only but we must hit a (varying) minimum order quantity by a set date or we will refund all orders and the item will not be sold

  • First right of refusal on next year’s program

    • There will be a renewal window for the 2020/2021 AGENT program and this is your opportunity to either renew for the upcoming program or deny the right to renew.

  • Referral option for next year's program

    • You will have the ability to suggest someone to join the program. They will get the ability to join on a first come, first served basis with other referrals before any slots are made available to the public.

In review:
Lottery entry: July 1-14
Winners notified: July 15
Payment Window: July 15-22
Program runs: August 1, 2019- August 1, 2020

If you have any additional questions, please contact Melissa Jones, our AGENT Director at agents@blackprojectbeer.com