September release. NINE beers, first ever public CAN release

Last month, we announced a six bottle release. While we did release six bottles, only three made it to the public. This is because Black Project gives first rights on all beers it releases to its AGENT Program. AGENTS bought all of the PEACEMAKER Cherry, PEACEMAKER Peach & EXPERIMENTAL #2 we had to offer last month, thus leaving MACH-LIMIT Cab Franc, LESTRANGE & EXPERIMENTAL #1 for public release. 

Our AGENTS will always have the right to pre-purchase our beers online, so it’s possible this scenario could happen every month. However, since a six bottle release wasn't enough last month, we’re releasing NINE beers this month, three of which will be our first-ever CAN release to the public! 

All following beers are set to release at 2pm on Friday, September 20 in the Black Project tastingroom. Our online presale to AGENTS ends September 9, so check back after then to see if any offerings sold out to AGENTS before public release. 

Details below. 



750mL | $26
SKYHAWK is a barrel aged blend of both our solera base beers as well as our Méthode Traditionnelle base. We started by aging our sour wheat in a Jamaican Rum barrel, and our sour golden and MT base in various gin barrels. After a few months of aging, we blended all of the barrels together on top of second use raspberries from 2019 Roswell: GRUDGE and beets for a short refermentation. The result is a tart and acidic barrel forward beer bursting with raspberry jam, aggressive funk, and bold earthy notes with a dry finish.


750mL | $26
Disambiguation is our collaboration with UNSEEN CREATURES out of Miami, FL. We brewed this 100% spontaneous beer in april 2018, at the end of our normal brewing season and let the beer rest in neutral oak barrels for many months. After blending, we fruited the base beer with prickly pear and buddhas hand, and then dry hopped with warrior hops. Citrusy and bright, with notes of bubblegum, watermelon, lemon blossoms, green wood and honeysuckle, this beer is perfect for midday porch drinking.


750mL | $28
WAR POWER begins as our spontaneous base beer, following the Méthode Traditionnelle guidelines. We then blended whole montmorency and balaton cherries into the base. After a long period of aging on the cherry, we racked the beer onto a small amount of blackberry, just enough to give this beer a tart and dry finish.

CYGNUS: Blend B 

750mL | $30
CYGNUS is a blend of three years of traditional, Lambic-inspired, coolship, spontaneous ale that follows the Méthode Traditionnelle guidelines. The blended base beer was refermented with whole Montmorency and Balaton cherries. The pits were left in to add complexity. After several months of aging the beer on cherries in oak barrels, the beer was removed and stored. Then, a second running of beer was placed onto the cherries. More base beer was added to the cherries, extracting more color and a milder nuanced flavor. 


750mL | $24
Bourbon barrel aged Mushroom ale 


750mL | $24
Bourbon barrel aged Cucumber ale

The last three beers Black Project is releasing in September are years overdue. SHADOW FACTORY & MAGIC LANTERN to-go have been the most requested item in the taproom since we’ve started making them. 

We’re excited to announce Black Project CANS!

MAGIC LANTERN: Peach | Apricot | Passionfruit 

16oz cans | $18 per 4-pack
MAGIC LANTERN is a standard offering with rotating fruits. The base is 100% wheat, fermented with unisolated coolship-caught microbes. It is light and only slightly tart on its own.  MAGIC LANTERN was designed for heavy fruit additions making MAGIC acidic and bright, with gushing tropical notes. Pink Himalayan salt adds a slight, balanced salinity, and complexity.  

SHADOW FACTORY: Blackberry | Raspberry

16oz cans | $18 per 4-pack
SHADOW FACTORY is a standard offering in our taproom with rotating fruits. The base is 100% wheat, fermented with unisolated coolship-caught microbes. It is light and only slightly tart on its own. SHADOW FACTORY was designed for heavy fruit additions, and the first canned variation we’re releasing to the public is Blackberry & Raspberry. Nearly all of the sourness comes only from the fruit, so acidity will range from mid to high.

DAGGER: Peach | Blackberry | Raspberry 

16oz cans | $16 per 4-pack
DAGGER is a combination of second use fruit from our MAGIC LANTERN and SHADOW FACTORY series to further experiment with flavors from second use fruits. Highly acidic and lighter on the fruit, this beer drinks like a crispy fruit punch 

In review: 

We’re releasing nine beers starting at 2pm on Friday, September 20 in the Black Project Tastingroom. 
Six of which are bottles, while the other three are our first ever public can release. 
The availability of these beers depends on our AGENT sale, so check back after September 9 to see what will be available to the public in the tastingroom starting September 20. 

  1. SKYHAWK 750mL | $26

  2. DISAMBIGUATION 750mL | $26

  3. WAR POWER 750mL | $28

  4. CYGNUS: Blend B 750mL | $30

  5. EXPERIMENTAL #3 750mL | $24

  6. EXPERIMENTAL #4 750mL | $24

  7. CANNED MAGIC LANTERN: Peach | Apricot | Passionfruit 16oz cans | $18 per 4-pack

  8. CANNED SHADOW FACTORY: Blackberry | Raspberry 16oz cans | $18 per 4-pack

  9. CANNED DAGGER: Peach | Blackberry | Raspberry 16oz cans | $16 per 4-pack