CYGNUS: Cherry (Blend A)

CYGNUS is a blend of three years of traditional, Lambic-inspired, coolship spontaneous ale, that follows the Méthode Traditionnelle guidelines. The blended base beer was refermented with two different kinds of whole tart cherries, Montmorency and Balaton, including the cherry pits which adds to the classic complexity and flavor associated with Kriek.

After several months of aging the beer on cherries in oak barrels, the beer was removed and stored. Then more base beer was added to the cherries, extracting more color and a milder nuanced flavor. The first-use and second-use beers were then blended together to age further.

Finally, the strong cherry beer was blended down to final fruit level for bottling with hand-selected 1-year, 2-year, and three-year beer from barrels. Two blends were created, each with their own unique character and final fruit level, due to this blending process.


CYGNUS: Cherry (Blend A)
$25/bottle - 375mL bottle, cork and cap

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Carbonation and Cellaring

Since our new lottery format has allowed more people to buy their first Black Project bottles, we wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the fact that all our bottles are all bottle conditioned and highly carbonated.

What this means is that before opening any of our beer, it is very important that the beer is chilled in a refrigerator for the 24 hours immediately prior to serving. These beers are highly carbonated, in line with carbonation levels of traditional Lambic from Belgium, and the bottles we use are very high quality and thus are very thick and insulative. So it is very important that all bottles are properly chilled for 24 hours before you open the bottle. If not, some gushing and beer loss may occur. We don't want that.

We extensively test each batch and know that there are there is no issue with over-carbonation, the beer is simply carbonated to the high level that is historically associated with the style.

All Black Project bottles can, and should be stored warm, before chilling for 24 hours (ideally at "cellar temperatures" of 55-60°F). Since all of our beers are unpasteurized, they will continuing to evolve and change while aging. If there are any issues with any bottles ever, please contact and we will do our best to remedy the situation.


BOTTLE RELEASE: STARGATE: Peach Rye | Nectarine Bourbon

STARGATE: Peach Rye | Nectarine Bourbon

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales will release “STARGATE: Peach Rye | Nectarine Bourbon” on January 12, 2018 to a select group of lottery winners that will be picked randomly from entries submitted online.

STARGATE: Peach Rye | Nectarine Bourbon is the latest release from the brewery’s “PROJECT: STARGATE”, which highlights different flavors and aromas of whole fruit fermented and aged in spirit barrels, which are filled with the brewery’s spontaneous solera sour golden “DREAMLAND”. Each year the brewery picks different fruits and spirit barrels, depending on the season, to age their sour golden for several months, imparting unique flavors and aromas into the base beer.

In 2016, STARGATE debuted as “DREAMLAND: Peach Rye”, a spontaneous sour golden aged in Law’s Whiskey House Rye Whiskey barrels and refermented with whole peaches from Palisade, Colorado. That same year, DRAFT Magazine named the beer among the "Top 25 beers of 2016" and which declared STARGATE as one of the "Best Beers of 2016". The beer was later renamed to avoid confusion.

One year later, STARGATE was re-released to a long line of customers that extended down the street. Unfortunately, several cases were over-carbonated, which lead to canceling the release and recalling all bottles. After a few weeks of testing, Black Project discovered that the issue related to residual complex sugars in the bottles. The brewery decided to fix the problem by opening all overcarbed bottles and refermented the beer on more peaches, repackaged it, and re-release it at no additional cost to everyone that waited in line, creating the now legendary: STARGATE².

That is why this year, Black Project wanted to do something special by releasing the first double barrel blend of STARGATE. This beer combines Laws Whiskey House Rye barrel aged STARGATE with Peaches and Laws Whiskey House Bourbon barrel aged STARGATE with Nectarines together, to produce “the most complex, most fruit forward, and most nuanced sour beer we have ever made.” After tasting the barrels apart and blended, James Howat (founder, brewer, and blender) found that the fruit-forward rye whiskey and bourbon whisky complemented and showcased each fruit with more depth and complexity than the individual barrels alone, combining juicy peaches with tart nectarines, which adds an incredible complexity of spice from the rye with the rich vanilla oak from the bourbon finish.

Customers that are interesting in buying a bottle, must register in advance for the online lottery by visiting the brewery’s website: before Thursday, January 4, 2018. Customers that win the online lottery will have a week to pre-purchase bottles for $22/bottle - 500mL bottle, cork and cap.

STARGATE: Peach Rye | Nectarine Bourbon


Our cold-steeped coffee sour golden series returns with a new single origin blend.

Today we are releasing GEMINI | Konga Wote in partnership with Corvus Coffee. This is the latest variant in our GEMINI series, which explores the unique characteristics of single origin coffee beans by extracting complex flavors using our spontaneous solera sour golden as the canvas.

GEMINI | Konga Wote

Konga Wote is an Ethiopian coffee bean from the Wote Konga Cooperative in Gedo, Ethiopia. This is the second year Corvus Coffee has worked with Seife Tulloskorpi, an exporter, and Israel Degfa, a renowned coffee producer in the region.

By partnering with Corvus, we're able to showcase unique coffee beans from across the world that are being produced by small farms in select regions. Each new beer release in the GEMINI series will highlight the unique flavors and aromas of each coffee roast, something that Corvus Coffee specializes in with their Single Origin coffees. Since all the roasts are from a single origin, each beer will be as unique as the beans.

This is an intensely floral coffee, with earl grey and bergamot notes, citrus acidity, and some unusual flavors with prominent esters and stone fruit notes. 

GEMINI is named after “Project Gemini”, NASA's second spaceflight program. The aircraft carried two astronauts around Earth's orbit in the early 1960s, furthering our understanding of space and developing the techniques necessary to land on the moon. It was also responsible for pioneering orbital maneuvers necessary for working in space.

Through continuous innovation and exploration we hope to continue to push spontaneously fermented beer into unknown territory, leading to new discoveries, the same way Project Gemini made it possible for us to land on the moon.


In time, there is the path that we know, and the path that has yet to be discovered. Spontaneous fermentation will always be the discovery of the unknown.

It is our job to guide the journey.

While we are hopeful in the end result, knowing that destination may change, that it may alter, the goal has always been to challenge the past with every step forward. In this regard, any variation from time honored tradition, puts us directly in the path of creation itself.

TAGBOARD | 5.0% ABV - 25 IBU
Barrel Aged Wet Hopped Three Year Spontaneous Blend


TAGBOARD begins as a blend of lambic-inspired, coolship spontaneous beer, brewed in accordance with the Méthode Traditionnelle guidelines*, which was then combined with fresh picked Neomexicanus wet hops from Voss Farms Colorado, in Arvada.

Instead of treating this like a traditional dry-hopped beer, we added the hops into several neutral oak barrels, as if we were adding fresh fruit. Each barrel received over 20lbs of wet hops, which were then filled with the blend of lambic-inspired, coolship inoculated spontaneous beer, that was aged for one, two, and three years in separate oak barrels.

For two weeks, we let the wet hops soak in the barrels, infusing fruity, citrus, and dank flavors from the hops into the beer. The slightly sour, funky, and traditional-tasting base beer meshes together with sweet pine, melon, and berry characteristics from the hops.

This is a single keg, one-off blend, of the larger batch, which will be available in bottles in several months.

Ultimately, our goal is to make this a wet hop sour unlike any other, as an experiment in time and aging. Wild microbes like ours are known to be able to bio-transform hop aroma compounds and flavor compounds, releasing new and interesting flavors from the hops as the beer ages, allowing a new experience in the transformative powers of our microflora on local Colorado hops.

Enjoy this special blend on draft now, then plan on buying bottles of the main blend when it is released in the future.

*Learn more at