Black Project Expands Oak Cellar

Meet the newest addition to the Black Project oak cellar. This is 'Stella'. She is a baby foeder and is only 11hL (~9.4bbl / 290gal), made of Slovenian Oak.

In a past life she lived in Montepulcaino, Italy where she aged Nobile di Montepulcaino, a wine made primarily from Sangiovese grapes.

Now we are rinsing and steaming her to make sure she produces a neutral flavor and is sanitized of any pre-existing yeast or bacteria.

Tomorrow we will brew a batch (actually 2) of BLACKBIRD.. A wort that is turbid mashed with 60% Pils / 40% raw wheat, boiled for 3+hrs with aged hops, and then cooled and inoculated via coolship (brewed in accordance with the traditional Belgian methods).

Stella will be filled on Thursday morning, directly from the coolship, and 100% spontaneous fermentation will take place in the following days. Finally, the beer will be allowed to continue fermenting and developing for 1-3+ years before being blended into a final product.

Black Project