Our cold-steeped coffee sour golden series returns with a new single origin blend.

Today we are releasing GEMINI | Konga Wote in partnership with Corvus Coffee. This is the latest variant in our GEMINI series, which explores the unique characteristics of single origin coffee beans by extracting complex flavors using our spontaneous solera sour golden as the canvas.

GEMINI | Konga Wote

Konga Wote is an Ethiopian coffee bean from the Wote Konga Cooperative in Gedo, Ethiopia. This is the second year Corvus Coffee has worked with Seife Tulloskorpi, an exporter, and Israel Degfa, a renowned coffee producer in the region.

By partnering with Corvus, we're able to showcase unique coffee beans from across the world that are being produced by small farms in select regions. Each new beer release in the GEMINI series will highlight the unique flavors and aromas of each coffee roast, something that Corvus Coffee specializes in with their Single Origin coffees. Since all the roasts are from a single origin, each beer will be as unique as the beans.

This is an intensely floral coffee, with earl grey and bergamot notes, citrus acidity, and some unusual flavors with prominent esters and stone fruit notes. 

GEMINI is named after “Project Gemini”, NASA's second spaceflight program. The aircraft carried two astronauts around Earth's orbit in the early 1960s, furthering our understanding of space and developing the techniques necessary to land on the moon. It was also responsible for pioneering orbital maneuvers necessary for working in space.

Through continuous innovation and exploration we hope to continue to push spontaneously fermented beer into unknown territory, leading to new discoveries, the same way Project Gemini made it possible for us to land on the moon.