STARGATE Bottle Set Release - January 22nd

Black Project is excited to announce the release of this year's version of one of our longest-running and most sought-after series of beers: STARGATE.

STARGATE is made by fermenting local whole stone fruit in various fresh spirit barrels. The idea is to create a beer that is in perfect harmony between the spontaneous-solera base beer, the unique fruit varietals, and the character of the specially-selected spirit barrels.

STARGATE was first released under a different name: Peach-Rye DREAMLAND. The beer was such a hit with fans that the next year we committed to giving the beer its own name and using whole Colorado fruit.

From the first bottles produced, the STARGATE releases have continuously been some our highest-rated and most sought-after beers.

Every year we have been expanding our number of offerings as we find great fruit and awesome spirit barrels that will complement each other. The STARGATE series is a beer that we have always had a hard time making enough to satisfy the intense demand for the bottles. This year, the harvest was good in Palisade so we elected to make several different variants. For logistical reasons, the beer will be sold mostly as sets of four bottles.

Summary of this year's variants:

-Glo Haven Peach (Palisade, CO) in “Four Flowers” Bourbon Whiskey Barrels (KY)

-Red Haven Peach (Palisade, CO) in A.D. Law's Bourbon Whiskey Barrels (CO)

-O'Henry Peach (Palisade, CO)  in “Tall Western” Bourbon Whiskey Barrels (UT)

-Nectarine (Palisade, CO) in “Four Flowers” Bourbon Whiskey Barrels (KY)

These variants showcase the variety of stone fruit we source each year, directly from the Western Slope of Colorado. Thousands of pounds of fruit were brought in and processed by hand after waiting for peak ripeness. A majority of the pits are left with the fruit during fermentation.This adds an additional layer of complexity and depth of flavor that plays perfectly with the tart fruit, as well as vanillin and whiskey notes from the barrels.

Fruit fermentation actually takes place within the specially selected spirit barrel. This is a special technique that allows for additional subtleties to be extracted from the barrel. It creates a better overall balance to the beer than the more typical method of fermenting/refermenting in a different vessel and then “aging” in the spirit barrel post-fermentation.

STARGATE bottle sets will be available for online pre-sale starting at noon on January 22nd. There will be a limited amount of single variant bottles also available, as well as a specially curated list of vintage bottles - available in limited amounts. Bottle Pick-Ups will be January 25, 26, & 27. Proxies are allowed.

STARGATE sets are $80 for four, 500mL bottles. Capped and corked. Individual bottles, if available, are $21 each. All prices include sales tax and processing fees.

Pre-Sale will be live at 12 noon (MST) on January 22nd, 2019.