In time, there is the path that we know, and the path that has yet to be discovered. Spontaneous fermentation will always be the discovery of the unknown.

It is our job to guide the journey.

While we are hopeful in the end result, knowing that destination may change, that it may alter, the goal has always been to challenge the past with every step forward. In this regard, any variation from time honored tradition, puts us directly in the path of creation itself.

TAGBOARD | 5.0% ABV - 25 IBU
Barrel Aged Wet Hopped Three Year Spontaneous Blend


TAGBOARD begins as a blend of lambic-inspired, coolship spontaneous beer, brewed in accordance with the Méthode Traditionnelle guidelines*, which was then combined with fresh picked Neomexicanus wet hops from Voss Farms Colorado, in Arvada.

Instead of treating this like a traditional dry-hopped beer, we added the hops into several neutral oak barrels, as if we were adding fresh fruit. Each barrel received over 20lbs of wet hops, which were then filled with the blend of lambic-inspired, coolship inoculated spontaneous beer, that was aged for one, two, and three years in separate oak barrels.

For two weeks, we let the wet hops soak in the barrels, infusing fruity, citrus, and dank flavors from the hops into the beer. The slightly sour, funky, and traditional-tasting base beer meshes together with sweet pine, melon, and berry characteristics from the hops.

This is a single keg, one-off blend, of the larger batch, which will be available in bottles in several months.

Ultimately, our goal is to make this a wet hop sour unlike any other, as an experiment in time and aging. Wild microbes like ours are known to be able to bio-transform hop aroma compounds and flavor compounds, releasing new and interesting flavors from the hops as the beer ages, allowing a new experience in the transformative powers of our microflora on local Colorado hops.

Enjoy this special blend on draft now, then plan on buying bottles of the main blend when it is released in the future.

*Learn more at www.methodetraditionnelle.org