Black Project Signs Distribution Agreement

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales is announcing an exclusive distribution agreement with Shelton Brothers Importers.

Shelton Brothers is predominantly an importer of many traditional beers from Europe, however they also work with a small group of traditional and quality-minded brewers that are based in U.S. They’re a company that appreciates unique and well-crafted beers and they have a distribution network in place across most of the country that also values and understands these types of beers.

In 2014, Black Project was the first brewery in Colorado to brew a spontaneous ale on a production system. That same year, Black Project was awarded a bronze medal for FLYBY, a brettanomyces-centered spontaneous ale at the Great American Beer Festival. In 2015, Black Project was awarded a bronze medal again at GABF in the same category for RAMJET, a spontaneous ale with Montmorency Cherries. Last year, at the end of 2016, the brewery was named Colorado’s Best Brewery by the Denver Post. 

The success and recognition that Black Project has received has created tremendous demand nationwide, with long lines at beer festivals and monthly bottle releases selling out. This demand is only been exacerbated by the fact that each beer takes months, if not years to create, and the brewery operates on a small 4BBL brew house.

To overcome these challenges and to increase production, Black Project expanded in 2016 by purchasing 100 additional oak barrels. This has allowed the brewery to keep its small system, while still being able to produce enough beer for the taproom, beer festivals, and limited events. This has also created an opportunity for distribution.

By partnering with Shelton Brothers, Black Project will be able to distribute to beer festivals, events, and supporting events in tap rooms across the United States, plus a bit extra for limited retail distribution in the area. This partnership allows for beer to easily get across state lines to various festivals and will create the relationships needed to tell fans where to get Black Project beer around the event.

Black Project will not be available across the entire Shelton network for now, the limited quantity does not allow for this. Instead, with this partnership, Black Project will be able to work with local distributors to deliver small amounts of product to select markets on a limited basis.

This will not affect local distribution.

Black Project will continue to self-distribute in Colorado out of the taproom with bottle releases and in limited amounts to select stores. The increase in production also means that there will be more beer on tap and available in bottles for onsite consumption at the brewery. Customers that are interested in purchasing bottles and keeping up with events are encouraged to join Black Project’s email list.