CYGNUS | Blackberry

Inoculation Method(s): Coolship

Description: CYGNUS: Blackberry began as as our 3-Year Blended Coolship Ale made using malted barely, unmalted wheat, and oats. Each batch was made using a coolship and allowed to cool overnight. While cooling, airborne wild yeast and other microbes inoculate the wort and are eventually responsible for 100% of the fermentation. The beer is fermented and aged in neutral oak barrels for 1-3 years, then blended and refermented on blackberries for an additional 2 months. Heavy blackberry on the nose and a light effervescence, with a tingling sourness on the finish.  Each sip leaves you eager for the next.  Fruit character may diminish over time, so enjoy fresh for full fruit flavor and aroma.

Release Date / Format / Availability:

February, 2017 / 750mL Bottles / Released once per year