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Black Project Beer Alemaker's Dinner

The Pullman is thrilled to announce the next in a regular series of (irregularly scheduled) events that highlight wine, spirit and alemakers, and focus on all else that’s great about sharing the table with good friends, food & drink

Wednesday, April 12th @ 7pm, join us for an evening featuring 5 beers and ales from Black Project Beer along with five courses from chef Taylor Wolters and our kitchen, along with an infinite and immeasurable amount of fun and revelry. 

All priced at $57.63per.

Seating is limited and these things always sell out quickly. Please call 970.230.9234 for more information about this event, as well as a coveted reservation. Rick prefers that you call before 11am or between 2-5pm, if you’d like to have a meaningful dialogue about things.

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales craft unique and complex beers through research and development into the artful expression of spontaneous and wild fermentation.

Black Project is the personal passion project of James Howat, owner and brewmaster of what was formerly Former Future Brewing Company. Black Project began production in January 2014 and won bronze medals for coolship ales (Category: Experimental, Subcategory: Wild Ales) at The Great American Beer Festival 2014 and 2015. 

From James:
“All Black Project beers are fermented with microbes captured from the local environment via our coolship. We believe this creates a beer that is unrivaled in complexity. Our beers are intended to have a sense of place, terroir, no matter how hard one tried our beer could not be replicated outside of our brewery. In fact, our microbe cultures are purposefully allowed to evolve from batch to batch, creating variations and interesting twists from different releases of the same beer. 

We are meticulous about designing recipes and processes that will allow nature to take over and create beers unrivaled in their beauty and complexity. Through experimentation and research we are continuously developing new and different techniques for use with wild and spontaneous fermentation.

We are not and do not have any intention of being a lambic brewery. We use science and experimentation to find which processes and ingredients we want to use that parallel traditional lambic producers, however - other the the use of a coolship - we maintain no strict adherence to tradition for tradition's sake. 

Spontaneous fermentation is merely a starting point and core of our process, from there, research and development extends much beyond the scope of the great Belgian brewers and blenders.”

at the Pullman on April 12th.

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