Inoculation Method(s): Solera

Description: JUMPSEAT starts with our base Golden Sour aged for 8-12 months in stainless. Once the base beer is finished, we pull a small amount out of our ever-changing solera and transport the beer to another tank along with a variety of hops. The beer sits on the hops for 3-4 days, extracting only the bright and citrusy character from the hops. While the combination of hops shifts from batch to batch, we typically select hops that will play well with our wild-yeast derived peach and apricot character, creating a beer that is just the right balance of hoppy and sour - perfectly crushable. Hop character will change or diminish over time, therefore we don't recommend cellaring and instead suggest you drink this one fresh.

Release Date / Format / Availability:

Batch 1: February, 2015 / 750mL Bottles / Very Limited

Batch 2: April, 2016 / 750mL Bottles / Limited

Batch 3: September, 2016 / 750mL Bottles / Limited