November, 2015
375mL bottle, cork and cage - $14 per bottle
One bottle per person limit*

кальмар (pronounced Kal'mar) is a light, wheat-heavy recipe that we inoculated in our rooftop coolship. Sea salt and coriander were added directly to the boiling wort in the vessel. The next morning the wort was cool and put directly into a steam-cleaned neutral oak barrel. After nearly one year the beer told us it was ready and time to bottle. Wheat breadiness, clean lactic tartness. Brettanomyces funk plays well with the assertive coriander flavor and aroma. Slight oak character and of course a wonderful salty finish as is characteristic of the style. Begs you for another sip. Beautiful complexity from all of these components and of course due as well to a true, wild mixed fermentation. Single barrel release.