2 Days, 2 Nights of Craft Beer in Denver

Morning/Noon – South Broadway

Is your liver hurting yet? If yes… good, you’re doing it right. If no, you may think you’re a hard ass now, but I guarantee Denver’s beer scene will get the last laugh in this game of Russian (Imperial Stout) Roulette so hold on to your butts, it’s about to get weird.

Like Maryland does crab cakes, Denver does brunch. The obvious options will of course include Snooze (their pancakes are no joke), Jelly (doughnut holes) and Lucile’s, an authentic Louisana-style them all the way down to their beignets (go for the biscuit instead). But my personal favorites include Shells & Sauce (weekends only, Chicken & Waffles), Sassafrass, Black Eye Coffee (chicken & biscuits and tots, trust me on the tots), The Universal (grits), and king of the crop in Denver Biscuit Company (multiple locations but for the continuity of this piece visit the one on South Broadway). Portland may have Pine State Biscuits, but Denver has DBC. And nothing quite says building a base like The Franklin, a Paul Deen’s wet sopping dream of Fried Chicken, cheese, thick cut bacon wedged between a six inch biscuit lathered in sausage gravy. Follow that up with a basket of sweet potato fries and what can be only described as the devil’s seed dipping sauce and you’re out cold for the next two hours. Ok scratch that, eat half of everything I just mentioned, because we’ve got a full day of drinking ahead.

Apologies on that digression, back to the beer and for that we head to South Broadway. We begin Day 2 way down south at Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales. The husband and wife duo of James and Sarah Howat have been making great for over two years in their military aviation themed brewery which, features a main bar, outfitted from the wing of a Cessna airplane.. While their path originally began as Former Future Brewing, they just recently transitioned full time to their passion project, which they’ve received notoriety of late in the form of Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales. Winning back-to-back medals at the Great American Beer Festival in the Experimental Beer category for the eponymous, Black Project #1 and Ramjet, has elevated their beers to whale hunting status.

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