Westword Beer Calendar

Former Future will release its latest very-limited, spontaneously-fermented bottled beer today, part of its Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales series. Ramjet was made in the brewery's coolship and then aged for close to a year in a single red wine barrel. "Montmorency cherries were added to the barrel for a second fermentation. Finally the beer was bottle-conditioned using the spontaneous microbes. Ramjet will age and develop in the bottle for years if treated properly," the brewery says. "Deep red with clingy, bright white head. Big tart cherry aroma mixed with lactic tartness. Flavor is complex and balanced. Mild tart cherry acidity and lactic acid mingle with doughy-malt flavor and a dose of traditional brettanomyces funk." There are only 168 wax-dipped, hand-numbered, hand-signed 750 ml bottles available; each one costs $25. Here are more details from Former Future: "At 11:50 a.m., prior to opening the doors [at noon], James will come outside and speak briefly to anyone waiting about this release, future releases, and how to apply for our free, very limited membership program. This program will offer discount and perks and will fill up very quickly. If you are interested in this program we recommend making sure you are outside the front door by 11:45 a.m. as details on how to apply may never be publicly shared again...We will also be pouring a few bottles into glasses for folks to purchase at the bar and enjoy here. Former Future draughts will also be available."

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