Denver’s secret brewery set for reveal at Black Project launch party

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales is essentially Denver’s secret brewery.

Housed inside Former Future Brewing on South Broadway, it’s the side project of owners James and Sarah Howat that focuses exclusively — as the name suggests — on limited batches of beers spiked with wild yeast or spontaneously fermented in the open air.

It’s most visible once a month when it opens for a bottle sale, visible only because of the hundreds standing in line on an otherwise quiet Sunday morning. The sour and wild ales sell out in minutes — and the brewery often quickly runs dry at festivals, such as Avery Brewing’s impressive Sour Fest last weekend — making them among the most hard-to-get beers in Colorado.

But now the two-time GABF medal-winning brewery is lifting the curtain for a “launch party” July 1.

Black Project will pour its beers at Former Future for one of the first times for what it is calling a tap “takeover.” It includes two never-before-released saisons, as well as the return of Peach Rye Whiskey Dreamland (a golden sour aged in whiskey barrels with peaches) and Kalmar 100% Spontaneous Gose (a German salted sour) that won rave reviews when first released in 2015.

The brewery is also offering a more intimate tasting it’s calling The Brewer’s Table. Taking a cue from the wine industry, the experience offers a tasting from a barrel and a tour — as well as plenty of beer. Tickets for the Brewer’s Table cost $75 but admission to the tap takeover is free.

The event starts at 2 p.m. and coincides with the release of Black Project’s new sour red called Elsewhere, a solera-aged wild ale. More details here.

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