PorchDrinking’s Weekly Denver Beer Beat

Join Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales on Saturday, October 8th at 10am for a special release of MULTIPLE beers, new and old!

They are clearing out a bit of the back-cellar and have a couple never-before-released bottles. Note that ALL of these bottles will be extremely limited, and the list is subject to change:

-LUNEX – Spontaneous Blended Sour with Corvus Coffee
-DREAMLAND (Batch 3) – never released in bottles

-кальмар Spontaneous Imperial Gose
-SUPERCRUISE Tempranillo
-DREAMLAND (Batch 1) – Waxed and capped old-school bottle
-DREAMLAND (Batch 2)
-VOODOO (Batch 1)
-ELSEWHERE (Batch 1)
-JUMPSEAT (Batch 2) (cold-stored since release)
-EJECTOR (Batch 1) (cold-stored since release)
-JUMPSEAT (Batch 3)
-EJECTOR (Batch 2)
-Probably some other stuff that I find a couple bottles of 😉

Longer-cellared beers may be priced slightly higher than when originally sold to account for the space, time, and efforts of aging them.

For those from out of town who may have always wanted to get their hands on a bottle, this is a great opportunity. Note that the 10AM time is the time that our doors will open and sales will begin. For the rarest or most selection/choice of these beers, the line may form earlier.

They normally do these releases at noon, but we wanted to have folks be able to get in and out with plenty of time before the AHA Members’ Only GABF Session, which starts at Noon.

Sarah and James will not in attendance, the first time ever that neither of them will be at a release – but only because we will be at the GABF Awards Ceremony that is going on concurrently – keep your fingers crossed for us. If possible, they will have the awards ceremony streaming live on the projector in case anyone is interested.

They will remain open from 10AM through 2PM, their normal opening time, for any bottle or pint sales you may desire.

GABF Week is a time when our brewery staffing is sometimes stressed by high demand, please have patience and courtesy for our awesome bartenders who will be managing the release and tending bar after what is sure to be a long week

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