PorchDrinking’s Weekly Denver Beer Beat

Three years in the making… with a cherry on top.

OXCART is the base for CYGNUS. It is their American spontaneous ale that was created using malted barely, unmalted wheat, and oats. OXCART is hopped with a blend of young and aged hops. Each batch was brewed and then cooled in their rooftop coolship overnight. While cooling, airborne wild yeast and other microbes inoculated the wort. This process spontaneously ferments the beer which is aged in oak barrels for 1-3 years.

CYGNUS is OXCART refermented for two months on 2.5 lbs/gal of Montmorency tart cherries.

The initial aroma is sweet cherry pie with a light effervescence and a tingling sour finish. The body and mouthfeel is complex with layers of funk, hay, and acidity. Fruit character dominates the aroma and flavor, but may diminish over time, so enjoy please enjoy fresh.

750mL bottle, cork and cage – $34/bottle


They will have six bottles of CYGNUS available for on-site consumption only, first come first serve. You may split these bottles four-ways, on separate tabs if you want. Please have ALL PARTIES available if you would like to split the bottle – otherwise it will go on one party’s tab until the other parties are present.

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