PorchDrinking’s Weekly Denver Beer Beat

It’s that time of year… Black Project (Denver) brewed their first batch of Fresh Hop HYPERSONIC (AKA: HYPERFRESH) with Chinook hops… as well as a few other varieties to round out that piney hop flavor and create something magical. They didn’t think they could create something they liked more than Mosaic HYPERSONIC… and they were wrong. So wrong.

This Wild American IPA is brewed with a strain of wild yeast that we isolated from their neighbors’ apple tree in the Baker Neighborhood of Denver, CO. This beer is NOT sour, however the fruity characteristics of this yeast play well with these hops to create a beer that is fragrant and bursting with hop aroma, without all the bitterness.

Black Project used more pounds per barrel than they’ve used in any beer, and still (and always) dry-hopped eight times.

On tap while it lasts beginning this Friday, September 16th. One batch only.

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