Black Project: RateBeer is not Independent

We feel that a journalistic organization that is partially owned by the largest commercial entity in the industry it covers is not independent, nor trustworthy as a journalistic organization.

That is why, this morning, Black Project sent the following email to RateBeer:

“Please remove “Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales” and “Former Future Brewing Company” as well as any mentions, logos, or labels of these breweries from your review database.

We feel that the partnership with ABInBev dba ZX constitutes a serious conflict of interest and prevents this site from acting as an independent journalistic organization.

We are withdrawing any and all permission for our names or trademarks to be used by or any of it’s affiliates.

Thank you for your help and compliance with this matter. If you wish to verify the sender, as I suspect you will, of this message before acting, please contact We are expecting a full removal from the site within 7 days unless we hear otherwise from you. Thanks again.

James Howat
Managing Member / CBO
Former Future Brewing Company, LLC dba Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales

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