Former Future Brewing Co – Denver, Colorado, Thursday, October 9, 2014, 3pm
2013 Barrels: N/A opened in 2014         Classification: Microbrewery

I failed to take notes during my visit, so I’ll let their website do the talking.

Former Future is a small-batch, artisan brewery in Denver, CO that focuses on combining modern science and innovation with the styles and traditions of the past.

It was fairly quiet while I was there, and I enjoyed chatting with one of the owners (working the bar).  Their beer list is impressive and tasty!

  • Salted Caramel Prim and Porter 6.5% interesting caramel and salt combo
  • Ryetly Oaked ESB fermented in red wine barrels 6.7% mild, malty, just a touch of red wine, some sweetness, not bitter
  • Golden Feather sour 7% fantastic flavor, tart but not puckering
  • Putin on the Fritz bourbon barrel fermented Russian Imperial Stout 12.7% potent, some interesting whiskey flavors
  • Putin on Le Pitz bourbon barrel fermented Belgian Imperial Stout with cherries 12.7% tart cherries with dark background, yum