Big Beers | 2017 Festival Seminars

James Howat, Brewer, Blender, Commander-in-Chief, Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales
James Howat is the founder of Former Future Brewing Company, a Denver taproom brewery that opened in February 2014. Former Future produced a wide range of beer styles that are futuristic “remixes” of oft-forgotten historical recipes and techniques.

James took the idea of historical methods to the extreme with Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales, a two time GABF Medal winning sour beer brand that ferments beer using only un-isolated wild microbes captured from the Denver air using a rooftop coolship.

After 3 years of increasing capacity for this spontaneous fermentation program, Black Project replaced Former Future as the brewery’s sole brand and focus. The tasting room, brewery, and barrel cellar are located at 1290 S. Broadway in Denver, CO. Black Project is proud to be the only Colorado brewery using 100% native wild yeast and other microflora to ferment its beers.

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