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Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales {1290 South Broadway, Denver} will release 100 bottles of GAMBIT, a small batch spontaneous grapefruit saison with complex sour and funky characteristics. The release of GAMBIT is a tribute to photographic history with the beer named after a recently declassified 1960s spy satellite. While supplies last, guests will be able to purchase two 750mL bottles hand numbered and signed by James Howat, an 8×10 inch print signed by Dustin Hall of the Brewtography Project, a Black Project branded tote, and a sticker pack for $65.

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Brewery Snapshot: Former Future Brewing Company

Former Future Brewing Company is a small-batch, artisan brewing company in Denver, with a commitment to blending modern science with historic styles. James Howat, microbiologist and head brewer, and wife Sarah Howat, head of marketing, work together to keep Former Future front of mind.

We sat down with Sarah Howat, Founder and Community Builder, to learn more:

 How would you describe your brewing style at Former Future?

We take historical styles or recipes and remix them. You won’t find a typical IPA, blonde, etc. Instead, we aim to make balanced and approachable beers that take people by surprise—in a great way.

What are some of Former Future’s favorite ingredients to brew with, especially during the fall and winter seasons?

We typically don’t add anything to our beers. We let the yeast “do its thing” and create the flavors we’re looking for. However, we just created a beer for Beers Made By Walking using peaches and lavender—these ingredients are local to us in Platt Park and are perfect for creating a fall beer.

 What is your favorite beer of the moment that you brew? What is your top favorite beer that you don’t brew?

My personal favorite at the moment is our Gadabout India Pale Lager. It is crisp, a sweet, and a little bitter. The perfect balance. As for my favorite beer we don’t brew? For fall it would have be TRVE’s Diotima. It’s a smoked tea saison, and it is to-die-for. I hope they’re bringing it back this season.

 This will be Former Future’s first appearance as a GABF competitor. What are you most looking forward to?

We are so excited to interact with customers on a grand scale. We are also looking forward to competing and gaining some great knowledge and feedback from judges.

 What beer are you entering into the competition?

The beer we are entering is call “Flyby.” It is a spontaneously fermented beer that we inoculated using only wild yeast from the air (on top of our building, to be exact). It is funky and fruity, and tastes like you’re biting into a fresh peach. This is a new category of judging for GABF: “Wild Ales.” We would be over the moon if we won a medal.

 Any advice for homebrewers who want to start a brewery?

Take one step at a time, but take steps. Don’t wait for it to happen to you. Make it happen.