Dual Bottle Release - DREAMLAND: Peach Rye | MACH-LIMIT Tempranillo

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales will be releasing two different beers for the first time on Sunday, January 17th. Both will be limited. Per person bottle limits will be estimated closer to release and finalized day-of. All beers and date subject to change.

Peach Rye Dreamland. Sour Golden Ale with Peaches – aged in a fresh AD Laws Secale Rye Barrel. 375mL, cork & cage, $12

This beer was created along with Blueberry Dreamland to commemorate the launch of the base Dreamland. This version took a while to condition in the bottle, but is now totally ready! Great peach, funk, oak, tartness, and a noticeable rye whiskey character. All parts are about equal in presence, no one component (fruit, base, oak, spirit) overwhelms the others. Very balanced and delicious.

Secondly, Black Project is very excited to announce the launch of one of their revolving fruit series beers. Mach-Limit is their heavily-fruited sour beer.

Mach-Limit Tempranillo. 750mL, cork & cage, $28

The first Mach-Limit was made in collaboration with Red Fox Cellars & Vineyard from Palisade, CO. They supplied the Tempranillo grape must, Black Project supplied a blend of mature sour beers. Bold, earthy, black cherry, currant, and herbal notes from the grape combines with the beer which has a dry tartness, wild yeast “funk” and stone fruit from Black Project’s house coolship microbes. Super interesting to drink. A little like the wine, a little like the beer. The two parts end up tasting like a super complex, funky, sangria – in the best possible way.

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