BOTTLE RELEASE: Former Future Brewing Co (1290 S. Broadway, Denver CO 80210) on February 21, 2016 – 12:00PM.

DREAMLAND – Sour Golden Ale (Blend 2). 750mL, Cork & Cage, $18
SUPERCRUISE Tempranillo (Barrel 1 of 3). 750mL, Cork & Cage, $22

The folks at Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales are super excited to debut the second blend of Dreamland. Due to Solera aging, the majority of this blend has more age on it than the first one – more funk, more complexity, but overall pretty close. Seeing as blend 1 is now close to a year in the bottle, it is a fun comparison side by side if you still have a blend 1 bottle around. The beers were pretty similar going into the bottle but now you can see what happens to beers that are allowed to develop in the bottle with the presence of real, environmental wild microbes.

Supercruise is Black Project’s traditional fruit level line of beers (compared to Mach-Limit where they add as much as they legally can). It debuts with the Tempranillo variant done in collaboration with Red Fox Cellars.

Black Project has 3 barrels of this beer, all with slightly different base beer blends, barrels, and also slightly different parts of the pressed Tempranillo grapes (some were from earlier in the pressing vs later and it makes a noticeable difference). This month, they will sell Barrel 1 which was done in a second use AD Laws Rye barrel.

A limited amount of custom Black Project glasses will be available for purchase at the February 21st bottle release.

Available while they last! 18.25oz high quality stemmed glass.

Perfect for splitting a 750 of highly carbonated spontaneous ale with plenty of room for head and aroma development.

Black Project will eventually have these perpetually available in their web store for those not able to make releases in person.

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