Microbes, Trees, and Ancient Ales - 3 Unique Beers to Try at GABF Today

Former Future’s owners Sarah and James Howat have been the talk of the town for their Black Project, which features wild and spontaneously fermented beers. James, who has a degree in microbiology from Colorado State University, is using his knowledge of microbes to produce beers that are fermented using yeast and particles in the air. The result is a hyper-unique beer that, due to this use of air found in Denver, has distilled the taste of an exact moment and place in time, bringing the whole concept of “local” to an entirely different plane. Try either the Lancer or the Wine Barrel Aged Blueberry Dreamland for deliciously tart beers. Even though this brewery is from Colorado, these brews are limited and marketed for out-of-state sale, therefore making it a must-do for even those that live in state.

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