SHADOW FACTORY: Boysenberry | Blood Orange - Draft Release

Denver Carpediem

SHADOW FACTORY | Boysenberry & Blood Orange

We are releasing a new variant in our superfruited sour beer series with 100% wild caught microbes. We start with a special all-wheat base designed for high levels of fruiting. The beer is then fermented in a solera using a mix of unisolated coolship-caught microbes and house foraged wild strains. After the beer finishes fermentation, we add pounds of boysenberry and blood orange into our stainless steel tank to referment. Each variant uses more than 3 lbs of fruit per gallon of beer. 


SHADOW FACTORY is Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales superfruited wheat sour. It is extremely fruit forward and derives most its tartness from the fruit itself. The base beer was custom designed for this «super» level of fruiting. It is low alcohol, since the fruit adds nearly 50% more when refermented, and comprised of 100% malted white wheat, to lend body and softness to the final beer while allowing the fruit flavor and tartness to shine through. SHADOW FACTORY features a wide and rotating variety of fruits, often singular, but occasionally in combination with one or more other fruit types.

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