The Greatest Beers I Had at the Great American Beer Festival 2015

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales (CO)
Dreamland (Blueberry)  – Sour Ale, 5.7% ABV

James Howat of Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales told us this great story on our podcast about how he made a mini-coolship in the middle of a blizzard in Iceland and brought back a dangerously active fermenting bottle on the flight home. He’s one of these brewing wunderkinds making sours the painstaking traditional way, and each beer he brought had the complexity of its Belgian ancestors with some room to grow still. He speaks like a professor of sour – but one of those cool professors you’d want to party with. Each day at GABF, the line for Black Project wrapped around and through the neighboring aisle, and each session the kegs kicked a little bit earlier. There will be amazing things to come from this brewery.

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