Two Year Anniversary

Friday, January 29th

Prohibition Party (Costumes Encouraged)
Electro Swing
The return of Cat Sabbath – this time with even more power!
Beer Cocktails
Photo Booth

Saturday, January 30th

First 50 People get a Former Future/Black Project Glass and one free pour of Black Project Beer for the toast
One new beer tapped every hour on the hour
MILE HIGH SOUL CLUB slinging vinyl all afternoon

Perhaps we’ll even tap some Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales?

Tentative beer line-up for Saturday posted from Former Future Facebook Page (list subject to change):

2p: Dreamland with Pineapple and Starfruit
3p: Pistachio Lime Cream Ale
4p: Almond Joy Porter
5p: Corvus Coffee Grisette
6p: Citrus India Pale Lager
7p: Chile Cream Ale
8p: Last Word Cocktail-Inspired Beer (herbs, cherry, lime)
9p: Corvus Coffee Sour Black Ale
10p: The Triumphant Return of PB&J Porter

Other beers that will be tapped all weekend (or as they last):

Countinghouse Cream Ale
Bonny Ace Belgian Session IPA
Gadabout IPL
Lage Landen Belgian Tripel
Salted Caramel Porter
Putin on the Fritz Russian Imperial Stout
Pabulum Grisette
… and a few brand new sour beers …

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