The Beer Temple Insiders Roundtable - Episode 93

POSTED ON JUN 13, 2017

Talking RateBeer with Josh Noel @joshbnoel, Pat Berger @patpaddylongs,  Jeremy Danner @jeremy_danner,  James Howat @blackprojectale, and Nate Nelson


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The PorchCast - Episode 24

POSTED ON AUG 12, 2016

Veiled by a shroud of mystery and intrigue, Denver’s Former Future Brewing shuttered taproom operations earlier this week and promptly began transmitting a series of cryptic messages, videos, and an equally arcane Facebook event page as a teaser for bigger things to come.

As of 10 am, Friday morning, that cloud of suspense has finally been lifted with a familiar, but now fully identity. What was previously Former Future has now “evolved” into Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales.



The Sour Hour – Episode 26

POSTED ON JAN 13, 2016

The Sour Hour welcomes Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales out of Denver, Colorado. Black Project is the personal passion project of James Howat, owner and brewmaster of Former Future Brewing Company. Black Project began production in January 2014 and has already won multiple GABF medals for their coolship ales in 2014 and 2015. Tune in and find out how they’re doing it!

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The Sour Hour – Episode 27

POSTED ON JAN 24, 2016

On this episode of The Sour Hour, Jay and Moscow continue their discussion with James Howat of Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales from Denver, Colorado. They also cover more listener questions and do another round of sour homebrew tasting with the Yeast Geek.


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