We’re excited to finally be able to declassify a project we have been working on for almost a year: ROSWELL

ROSWELL is our Lambic-inspired, spontaneously fermented ale that is barrel fermented, barrel aged, and then refermented with high levels of one of six different fruits.

This beer follows our mission and is at the core of what we do: “To innovate in the research and development of spontaneous fermentation”. Our aim is explore the outer limits of coolship spontaneous fermentation. This beer was created to showcase a concept we call super-fruiting, where we use as much fruit as possible, while still calling it a beer.

Intense amounts of fruit was added to a blend of our spontaneous base at a very specific time in development. ROSWELL is made once per year during the late spring from a lambic-inspired wort that was brewed last fall. This gives us a beer that has all of the depth of flavor but with a lower acidity than it would have after spending a summer in the barrel - ideal considering the amount of acidity naturally present in the fruit. ROSWELL has a rich and beautiful spontaneous flavor, with a distinct funk, and complexity that stands up to and melds into the heavy amount of vibrant fruit flavor and aroma. Our true wild-caught microbes means that the beer is deliciously dry while still packing an incredible amount of fruit flavor.

ROSWELL is drastically different from traditional fruited spontaneous ales. The amounts of fruit used, combined with 100% spontaneous fermentation, yield something decidedly ‘otherworldly’. It is unlike anything that has been done before and cannot be replicated.

On July 22, join us for the public release of five bottle variants of ROSWELL and a special BrewedFood pairing with Tender Belly Bratwurst with pain de mie bun, kimchi and, gochujang mayo with a side of Hop Ash potato chips. Then on July 23, we're hosting an exclusive, onsite only release of SIGN and a limited preview of our upcoming Biere Brut / Biere de Champagne made with Red Fox Cellars Barbera grapes.

Saturday July 22, 2017 | 2:00pm
Bottles To-Go:

ROSWELL: MAJESTIC 12 | Blackberry
ROSWELL: GRUDGE | Raspberry500mL bottle, cork and capped - $20 /bottle

Sunday July 23, 2017 | 2:00pm
Bottles for On-Site:

ROSWELL: SIGN | Blueberry
500mL bottle, cork and capped - $20 /bottle

*All limits are subject to change, at anytime, without advanced warning. No reservations, online sales, or phone sales. All bottles are first come, first serve. We will NOT lower to 1pp, but if we have more people in line, we may lower to 2pp. You may mix and match available variants up to the set limit, but there is no guarantees every variant will be available.


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