Black Project’s May Releases

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James here to tell you about the two exciting new beers we are releasing this month! This release will consist of DORIAN and BYEMAN - two natural-wine inspired wine-beer hybrids.

BYEMAN is a beer that we teased a few months back on social media, it is a blend of skin-contact Muscat grape juice (processed as if we were making an orange wine) and 100% spontaneous, Méthode Traditionnelle, lambic-inspired beer. The result is floral, funky, and fruity. It has a bit of tannin expression from the skin maceration and wild yeast and acidity from the beer.

DORIAN is a wild Rosé-beer hybrid. The beer is similar to BYEMAN in appearance and character but trades the tannic dryness from extended skin contact with a delicious tart fruit character that borders on tropical. There are notes of the grapes but there is some much fermentation-derived peach, pear, pineapple, and berry that it is difficult to know where the “wine” ends and the beer begins in this hybrid.

In homage to many classic natural wines that inspired the creation and flavors behind these beers, we elected to package them in clear glass bottles - a first for us. This shows off the colors of the especially unique creations.

These are being released now, in early spring, for a reason - they are both absolutely killer beers for warmer weather, porch drinking, and they will pair excellently with lighter springtime meals.

We normally say that our beer should be poured carefully, leaving the bottle-conditioning sediment in the bottle to be later discarded. However, as with one of my favorite styles of wine, traditional Prosecco Col Fondo, these beers can be poured without sediment as normal or it can be gently stirred back up in to the bottle before pouring. This gives an additional layer of complexity, funk, and subtlety - give it a try!