Inoculation Method(s): Solera

Description: STARGATE begins as a custom blend of 8-10 month old golden sour base. 100% wild-caught microbes are used to referment plums from Palisade, CO. Refermentation and subsequent aging took place in a fresh A.D. Laws Rum barrel. A bright red color is the visual backdrop for lively plum and berry flavors and aromas. These combine with subtle sweetness, and tropical fruit notes from the barrel to create a beer that equal parts complex and drinkable. The base beer lends a complementary acidity and mild brettanomyces funk. This beer will develop in the bottle for years, however much of the fruit flavor will diminish or change, so we recommend enjoying at least one bottle fresh if you do intend to cellar.

Release Date / Format / Availability:

Batch 1 - Italian Plums: December, 2016 / 750mL Bottles / Released once per year

Batch 2 - Elephant Heart Plums and Pluots: December, 2016 / 750mL Bottles / Released once per year